Widefoot CargoMount

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Widefoot's CargoMount is a unique gear carrier made from one sole piece of aluminium. Made in the USA, it weighs a paltry 68 grams and is like nothing else currently available. Choose the CargoMount to carry a sleeping mat, a big old Nalgene/Klean Kanteen bottle or maybe a tool keg. Widefoot's unique 7 slot bolting system offers plenty of installation options on frames and forks of gravel, adventure and mountain bikes. The vertical adjustment is great if you're looking to balance extra weight on a bike's forks for example.

The little lip is more than enough to give gear some extra support and when not cradling some precious cargo it's low profile enough not to get in the way. Available in five colours - sensible, middle-for-diddle black and silver, and more "out-there" purple, orange and blue.

Do note that the CargoMount is sold individually and does not come with mounting bolts or accompanying Voile straps



  • Cage or rack, call it what you want,¬†the CargoMount is for carrying oversize gear on a frame or fork
  • Made in the USA from aluminium, it weighs just 68 grams
  • The durable one-piece construction can be relied on, miles from civilization¬†


  • Mounting hardware is not included
  • It is recommended that the CargoMount is mounted onto three bosses, not two
  • Other non-bolt mounting methods are at your own risk!


  • A hose down now and again will keep the mount looking fresh