About Always Riding

Coffee, switchbacks & cityscapes

To be truly Always Riding would of course require a caffeine habit of pannier-troubling proportions. The miles would fly by for a time, but after, oh let's say 20 hours on the bike, things might get a touch peaky. Let's call it a mindset to live by then rather than a mantra, and leave it at that.

Bike Time

Climbing a mountain pass, discovering a new trail or choosing to get to work under your own power, you know why you love to ride. However, choosing the right bicycle apparel and accessories is one of the most important elements in making sure you get the most out of bike time, and that's where Always Riding comes in.

Stone Walls & Sheep

A dearth of decent places to find unique, hard to find, unmistakeably awesome and beautifully finished cycle clothing led to the establishment of Always Riding in 2008. more terrifying than a double puncture with home far out of sight, and more exciting than the sensuous smell of new tyre rubber (err, what?), the early days were a voyage of discovery. Nevertheless, with a can-donut attitude, lessons were learned & hidden truths unearthed, and before long, packages filled to bursting with cycling delights were heading out to riders around the world who fell in love with their whimsical writing, top notch customer service (a Google Certified Store no less) and unique brand selection for road, trail and urban / city cycling.

Nutshell time

Since those early salad days (there was also cake), Always Riding has been an independent business that exists to help you choose the more stylish and technically advanced cycle clothing, accessories, bags, bikes and bits & pieces available, whether you hit the trails or the tarmac. We give you a hand picked blend of new, exciting and high quality brands, make it simple and desirable to look at and then even easier to buy and get delivered to your door, whether you live in Kyoto or Cambridge.

Philosophise this

More cyclists can only be a good thing. The bike offers a balanced life-approach, a healthy pastime, and provides a great way to meet new people, which let's face it, at some point in life isn't as easy as it used to be. Yes, we're a business so we have to feed the monkey, but one of our main tenets has always been that it's got to be about the cycling community, and that means you. From aiding newbies seeking help with their first purchases, to expedited deliveries to the seasoned professional with an urgent need for “schome of dose base layers that dis other team has dat are schoo gut” in the middle of the Tour de France, we're here to help, advise and support cycling adventures, wherever they may be.