Portland Design Works Otter Cage

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Portland Design Work's phalanx of animal bottle cages has found itself in the Lutrinae subfamily. Whether it's a Sea Otter or a North American River Otter, we're not so sure, but, who doesn't like otters? A straw poll at Always Riding towers elicits the right result, for this product description anyway. Available in colour correct brown or grey the cage hugs a bidon like a mama otter floating on her back with her pup. PDW donate 10% of the profits from the Otter Cage to organizations that protect wildlands and wildlife - organizations like Oregon Wild.



  • Made from a single sheet of 5052 alloy
  • 57g


  • Accepts 500ml or 750ml bottles easily with a vice-like grip
  • Includes two stainless steel bolts for installation


  • Wash down with the rest of your bike